Yearbook Printers...
What's the Difference?

Yearbook printers. They're certainly a few around! Whether you're a first time advisor or a seasoned pro, you'll want to know what makes each yearbook publisher different and in learning the differences, you'll see for yourself what sets Balfour Publishing apart from the others.

Bottom line? Choosing the right publisher can mean the difference in many cases of thousands of dollars, a more efficient and enjoyable publishing experience, and skills you'll carry well beyond the yearbook classroom.


What makes Balfour such a strong force in the yearbook publishing company is one of the nation's largest printing facilities equipped with state of the art Komori Presses for those impactive all-color books we're known for and a full-service bindery to manufacture whatever covers our customers can dream of.

Both of these assets allow us to offer what are probably the best prices for high-quality all-color books!

Balfour's Spectra All-Color Books continue to set it apart from all the rest. After all, your memories are in color. Shouldn't your yearbook be, too?


Yearbook publishers offer special software and plug-ins to make it easier for schools to put their books together. Consider the task of preparing a hundred-plus pages for printing using software that's holding you back on every task you perform on every page!

Balfour offers a range of yearbook software suited to the needs of our individual customers. Options include page preparation on-line using Balfour's StudioWorks or Balfour Tools for Adobe In-Design!

If you don't think there's a difference between Balfour's publishing options and the rest, call me for a demo. You'll see for yourself that not all yearbook publishers are equal!


Every one of Balfour's customers have access to a local representative (in Hawaii that would be me!) as well as an account executive at the plant in Texas. It's all part of what makes for a rewarding publishing experience with Balfour. Our unique vendor partnerships also allow you to purchase much-needed equipment for your yearbook class and simply include it as part of your yearbook invoice.

You'll be trained as well as supported throughout the course of your book's preparation. And perhaps that's the biggest difference in working with Balfour as your yearbook publisher.

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